LD41: Blind Faith

A stealth god game

Published on April 22, 2018

LD41: Blind Faith is a stealth god game. You are a deity. Your worshipers always thought you were invisible, which is unfortunately not true. So, you must do your god things while hiding from your worshipers, as being seen would reduce the faith they have on you.

Download LD41: Blind Faith or play right from your browser (via

This is actually a prototype, developed in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 41 game jam, in April 2018. The theme was combine two incompatible genres. It is free and open source.

LD41: Blind Faith Screenshot
LD41: Blind Faith Screenshot


  • WASD/Arrows: Walk
  • E/PgUp: Select next miracle
  • Q/PgDn: Select previous miracle
  • Control: Execute the selected miracle. The circle turning around you indicates the miracle range.

What to do?

  • Avoid being directly faced by your worshipers
  • You can hide behind trees, rocks and buildings
  • Use miracles to keep your worshipers healthy, happy and energized. Two reasons for that:
    • They will procreate
    • Their wariness will increase; eventually they’ll start to attack the nonbelievers
  • Defeating the nonbeliever tribe is your goal

Further game info

Worshipers (the blue-colored guys) have three main stats: fulfillment (think happiness), energy (think stamina) and health (think hit points). These are represented by three icons under each worshiper. A fourth stat represents how quickly the guy is losing health (think of it as disease or bleeding wounds); this is represented by the outer part of the heart icon.

They recover energy by eating in the granary, health by visiting the hospital and fulfillment by doing useful tasks like harvesting crops and killing enemies. The miracles you perform also have impact on these stats. In fact, managing these stats by the way of miracles is the best way to win.

Worshipers which are healthy, well-fed and happy procreate (asexually, it seems). And as the number of healthy, well-fed and happy worshipers grow, so will the tribe wariness. High wariness means higher probability of the worshipers to join into an attack to the nonbelievers, who live in the southeastern part of the island and dress red.

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