Or, the great opening

Published on September 2, 2018

Today, for the first time ever, is not displaying just a placeholder message. So what?

A sign saying We're open.

Yes we are! Image by Alan Levine

So what? Not much really. At least not for you who are reading this. But for me, well, for me, maybe, this might end up meaning something.

For quite a time I have been toying with game development stuff in my free time, starting lots of things and abandoning them after not much time. This isn’t really a problem: this is all just a hobby for me, and I did have fun with every of those unfinished projects. But, as the time passes, I have more and more the feeling that I want to finish something. So I decided it was time to focus, learn skills I lack (like, cough, game design), find an interesting game idea, and work on it until I can call it finished.

And does all this have to do with a web site? Hey, every game development studio (even a make-believe one!) needs a web site! Hopefully, it will be nice to share some of my experiences, learnings and progress.

So, is up! Let’s see how it goes! 🤞

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