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LD48: Down the Rabbit Hole

Explore the dangerous Rabbit Hole cave system with the Armadillo drilling vessel.

LD48: Down the Rabbit Hole screenshot

Board the drilling vessel “Armadillo” to explore the extraordinarily dangerous “Rabbit Hole” cave system.

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LD44: Minter

You work in the mint since forever. Your life is currency!

LD44: Minter screenshot

You have been working on the mint for decades. You love this place. You love this job.

You are the minter.

Your life is currency!

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LD43: Super Space Sacrifice

Cross the galaxy, kill a lamb

LD43: Super Space Sacrifice screenshot

The Bork robot race is so powerful they can destroy the entire galaxy in a second. But they are not evil – they just ask for a sacrifice once every century.

The last one was 99 years ago.

Your quest is to reach the Borks and to make the sacrifice and give humans one more century of existence. Legends say you may need to make other sacrifices on your way…

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LD41: Blind Faith

A stealth god game

LD41: Blind Faith screenshot

LD41: Blind Faith is a stealth god game. You are a deity. Your worshipers always thought you were invisible, which is unfortunately not true. So, you must do your god things while hiding from your worshipers, as being seen would reduce the faith they have on you.

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LD40: Metal Fear

The more metal you have, the worse it is

LD40: Metal Fear screenshot

The bad guys have stolen your trophy. Go take it back! You can carry all the weapons you want, but they are made of metal – and the bad guys have metal detectors and giant magnets that will make your life harder!

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